Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fun with 3D rendering volume 1: Yetis, Cavewomen, and Goblins

I've been playing (read: wrestling) with a free 3D rendering program called Daz3d for the last two years. It's been an again, off again relationship. I'll spend two days learning how to import textures, get frustrated and then drop it. Two months later I'll start fidgeting with area lights, render five thousand poorly lit pictures and call it quits. Not today. The cycle has been broken, for between my new found understanding of Gimp and the perfect free models dropping into my lap, the stars have aligned. I finally have a basic grasp on how to make decent renders. And it's all thanks to City of Heroes.

What do (sadly) dead MMOs have to do with morphs and shaders? That lovely blue skinned lady above. That is She-ape, the character I played on City of Heroes a few months before the plug was pulled. I wrote some barely legible articles about her at the time, you can dig them up yourself if you must. I certainly won't. I always really liked this design, and knew I wanted to revisit the character someday when the time was right. Well would you look at the time, half past She-ape o' clock. my clock is subject to my whims. in an hour it will be "Marshmallow Mateys hour". But I don't have any cereal. a solemn hour indeed.

Futzing around with the models I had built up over the course of several failed attempts, I realized I had both the resources and the know how to finally do this yeti justice. 

 I even tracked down some lovely arctic trappings for some nice immersive scenery. But Polar bears make for frigid company (especially when they can't move at all, like little ursine statues).

Luckily, I still had a cave woman modeled up from one of those previous failed attempts.

But the Arctic circle can be a bit cold for even the most savage of heroines...

There, that's better! Fur bikini + leather cape = warm, winter proof attire to keep the frost bite at bay. FANTASY!

A drunken goblin lady playing the pan flute in a garden labyrinth. As you do when drunk and also a goblin.

In fact, she's probably a gardener herself. Her name is probably Goburi, and she's probably loosely inspired by a magic the gathering card that's been stuck on my brain since I was twelve. That all seems highly likely.

Before I credit the modellers bare in mind: Everything I used was completely free, so if you want to your hand at this by all means go for it. It's frustrating at times, and learning to use the program can be an art unto itself, but it's also a blast and supports any weirdo idea you have. Clearly, because no one writes a program with the intent of making half naked yeti women. That's just a beautiful accident.

Now, model credits:

The daz models used were: Victoria 4.2 base and Morphs++, Shigi hair, hooded cloak, basic wear for v4, v4 domino shirt and belt, garden escape well, and amarseda hair. All of which were given away for free at some point, as well as Daz Studio itself.

Mostdigitalcreations made the polar bear, snowy landscape, pan flute, and garden backdrop.

Mylochka (who is wonderful and also the best) made the blue and green skin textures. She apes texture was edited by myself to add that furry touch.

3-d-c did the basic wear leopard texture

Kalebdaark did the hood texture

parrotdolphin did the posable spike (she-apes uni-horn) this was exactly what I never knew I needed.

age of armor did the wooden stein

the spear is the Malaik Lance

All wonderful resources, and very much appreciated.

There are couple of bonus renders of a more risquè variety (what can I say, I am defined by my passions) in my deviantart gallery linked in the sidebar --->