Thursday, January 1, 2015

Little Anzu

First Anzu drawing of 2015! WOO!

Funny story, last night I was at a friend's house who had paper spread out across his coffee table. We were all scribbling on it with permanent marker, so I decided I just had to draw a cutesy little Anzu. Probably so I could brag about knowing what an "Anzu" is. Just let me have my tiny victories, alright? Well, another friend decided she wanted to color it like a chicken. Oh...ok.'s not like my precious ego cares or anything...*snff*

Turns out the color scheme is pretty damn adorable, and I had to repeat the process in a fancier way at four in the morning on New Year's. Again, precious little ego.Lesson is, be open to suggestions? I guess? I dunno, I just like drawing dino-chickens.

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