Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Turkey Gobble Gobble 2014

It's pilgrim time again! Happy Turkey Farm Stimulus Day! 

Here's something weird I made That's vaguely thematic.

It's a take on the common theme in Native American myth of drowned women who become vengeful monsters. She's not so much vengeful as mildly irritated. Probably because wet buckskin chafes.

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for Eruptor from Skylanders and the new christmasy Pikachu ballon in the parade.

Now be thankful, you merry fatties :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Viva Piñata- 3 Random Piñatas I Dig

      I've been looking forward to playing the Darksiders games for at least a year now, so when Xbox gave away Darksiders 2 last month, I was pumped. I also downloaded Viva Piñata. A week later, I have yet to start Darksiders 2. My Sparrowmints are absolutely flourishing, though. In alot of ways, Viva Piñata is exactly what I've been looking for: cute fuzzy little monsters, and a world of mechanics I know nothing about. I can guess what moves a level 12 Pidgey knows all day, but I have no idea what a Sarsgorilla likes to eat. Man, Sarsgorilla looks terrible in print. I keep imagining a gorilla in a medical mask at a Chinese airport. Viva Piñata is an emotional roller coaster I never saw coming. From the joy of seeing your very first Fudgehog waddle over to a holly bush, to the mortifying helplessness of Professor Pester murdering said Fudgehog in front of you. It sticks in deep, that's why I've been scribbling piñatas left and right. So, here's a cobbled together excuse for me to post those scribblings!

 Oh, they're all anthropomorphic, too. I mean, I'm already drawing cartoon paper animals might as well go full crazy.

Bispotti- The Bispotti is the ladybug of the piñata world, and one of the very first you'll get in your garden.She's not the biggest or the fanciest, but it's hard not to get attached when you spend three hours breeding genetically superior uber-bugs. I like how feminine they managed to make a perfect sphere. They remind me of young French girls from the 30's, especially the wildcard version with curly antennae. So I drew her. I drew her like one of my French ladybugs.

 Rashberry- PIGGY! I have a healthy (or maybe unhealthy) infatuation with fat rolly polly cartoon pigs, and Rashberries have that look down to a science. It's like the perfect combination of Pumbaa and Tepig, and I convulsed on the floor like an idiot the first time I saw one. Their bodies bounce and wiggle when they move, and they act like every pile of dirt is the most exciting thing they've ever seen. Just pure porcine joy.

Flapyak- I have milked a cartoon Pinata shaped like a yak. Any day I can say that sentence is a great day. Fortunately, thanks to Flapyaks, I can say that everyday. These adorable shaggy beasts are the opposite of Rashberries. Everything they do is serene and plodding, slow and meandering. And thier udders have jiggle physics. Like ridiculous fighting game boob physics, but applied to a yak's udders! I think that's adorable. I probably have a mental deficiency for thinking so, but it's true. And little birds will land on the Flapyak's horns and it's just too freakin' cute. These walking shag carpets might be my favorite piñata so far.

This probably isn't the last you've seen of piñatas on this page. There are just so many, and I have to own them all! I HAVE grow monkeynuts...water gem tree...feed...cocoadile...