Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mother Rhino

As the morning sun rose, Mother Rhino awoke

to the sound of scuffling. Two meerkats had

found the body of a scorpion, and begun

fighting for the chance to devour the thing

whole. She reached a massive hand down, and

plucked the scorpion in two.

When the sun was high in the sky, she came

across a stumbling baboon. He had eaten

fermented fruit, and grown drunk on the

juices. Rhino gently gathered him up in her

arms, and set him against a nearby tree to


when she stopped by the waters edge for an

afternoon drink, she overheard the thrashing

of a crocodile in distress. It had swallowed

a young antelope, but the horns had become

lodged in it's throat. Rhino forcefully

grappled the croc round it's neck, and

squeezed the blockage free.

As the sun set on western horizon, she heard

the mournful cry of an ostrich whose egg had

been stolen. This was a problem with no easy

fix, but she laid a comforting hand on the

bird nonetheless.

When Mother Rhino at last lay in the cool

dark, eyes closed and sleep setting in, she

realized she had spent all day aiding every

Mother's charges but her own.

"Tomorrow" She softly whispered. 

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