Friday, September 5, 2014

The Sugar Troll

Most of the ghouls and ghosts of the witching season bide their time until October, but one particular beastie always arrives a month early. See, when the factories are busy pumping out chocolate and caramel and squishy jellies in preparation for the holiday season, they tend to make mistakes. Misshapen candy corns, discolored gummy worms, jelly beans that aren't beans at all. And all of these mistakes just aren't fit to be served to the discerning public, so they're tossed out. Great heaps of festively colored rejects. 
     But sometimes these mistakes refuse to be forgotten. Who are they to be deemed unworthy? And when a particular heap builds up the right amount pressure and social indignation, a Sugar Troll may be born. A great beast with a gummy squishy body, candy corn fangs, and jawbreaker eyeballs. Only one desire drives these glucose golems: MORE. More cotton candy, more fancy cakes, more caramel apples (minus the apple). Candy cannibalism is what they live for, and they don't understand the nuances of sharing. So when the night comes, and you're toting that bucket of sugary handouts, be careful. If a sweet scent fills your nose, and the bushes shake and tremble as if possessed, maybe you should leave a few of those treats there as a peace offering. Just in case.

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