Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Clawdeen's New Threads

Being an artsy type leads down some unusual roads. Sometimes those roads involve being a grown man that makes clothes for dolls and takes pictures of them in trees. Put Anthony Hopkins in it and you've got the makings of a contemplative drama about LIFE. Not a life but the vague concept of LIFE itself. I had a point, I'm sure of it... Hey, look pictures!

Anyone who takes a minute to look over this website knows that Clawdine is my assistant/model, and I like to change up her look at least once a year. Problem is, most doll outfits suck. If you're not looking for a skimpy high fashion dress, or a puffy princess gown you're out of luck. Oh, and you want a color other than bright pink or pastel purple? Good luck with that. I am outraged. I plan to write a very strongly worded letter to Mattel regarding their inability to produce dolls for the male 18-30 demographic. HMPH!

In the mean time, I've concocted my own solution. In a fit of needles and swatches and Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast, I created my own outfit for our lurid lupine logistics...alliteration is not my strong suit. And I daresay, she looks pretty damn sharp. It's still pretty outlandish, but much closer to something you'd see a real human being wearing than half the crap in the toy aisle.

Now when I start reviewing Halloween crap it won't look like she's been wearing the same outfit for a year...


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  1. I love the tree branch photo especially, she looks so whimsical.