Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Troll Blankets


 Violet blossoms hold violent promise
A sweet sugar coating
on a treacherous meal

fields of purple flowers
look most inviting
but hungry trolls they conceal

Troll blankets they are
and fittingly named so
shallow stems hide tunnels deep

Troll homes in the earth
clawed hands reaching for ankles
to drag down and forever keep

"See those purple flowers over there? They call 'em Troll Blankets. My mother used to tell us they grew over the holes in the ground that trolls lived in. They'd hide in the thick fields of flowers, waiting for children to wander in so they could grab 'em by the leg and pull 'em down.

I don't know about trolls, but the real reason you want to avoid them is because they only grow over shallow tunnels and around open holes. Any fool that trundles off into them is likely to fall through and break his neck. Troll Blankets are deadly tricky things, with or without trolls."
-Anonymous Norwegian Field Guide, 1938

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Beware Salemi
She won't take your life
But she may yet make
A widow of your wife

Gather milk and honey
Take sweet breads in hand
Lay them out
Where the oldest trees stand

If it should please her
You'll soon see the beast
She cannot resist
An afternoon feast

Curled black horns
Adorn her thick mane
The great old She-troll
With a face full of fangs

Through jagged teeth
And wry lips
She'll tell you of gold
And sunken ships

Of treasures lost
Never to be found
Of kingdoms and riches
Under the ground

Stories and legends
Poems and songs
These things she'll spout
All the night long

Beware Salemi
She won't take your life
But she may yet make
A widow of your wife