Friday, April 11, 2014

Safari Princess Emily

It's rare that I'm inspired by an action figure. I mean, when I buy one off the shelf I already know what I'm getting. I've seen video reviews and pictures and promotional photos... I already know why I want it and what for. But sometimes, something just falls in your lap out of nowhere. Something that the moment you see it, you can't help but think of the possibilities and potential fun to be had. This is one of those figures.

This is Princess Emily, from Safari's Days of Old line.  I'll be perfectly honest, I never would have bought her myself. I'm too wrapped up in mutants and monsters to notice more subtle pieces like this. But a friend of mine sent her to me in a box full of assorted other sundries, and I was super freakin' excited. She's just so... nobody! I mean that in the best way possible, obviously she's attractive and well made (I-it's not like I think she's pretty or anything... baka!)  But she has no predefined personality! She can literally be anybody you want her to be.

This kind of thing just couldn't be made by the big name companies. A detailed, fully painted figure of a completely original fantasy character? Not without Peter Jackson's name on it.

And she just looks so good with all of my little critters! I kid you not, I agonized over exactly which of the tiny buggers to use in this picture. From tiny King Gidorah to Lego trolls to Mordles, I considered everything and finally settled on these three. But honestly? I could have used any of them, because she just blends in so friggin' well. You put anything next to her, and it immediatley starts telling it's own story. As someone who owns way to many goblins and beasties,  Her Ladyship of the Woodland Critters is a very welcome addition that helps give a little contrast. I also like that she looks to be in her mid-thirties at least. Adds some diversity and realism to the princess stereotype.

Oh hey, remember Doom War? The Iron Man story where he and Dr. Doom travel through time?

She works for that too. Getting back to the friend who sent her to me, apparently she was going to donate a bag of toys to Goodwill, including Princess Emily. On her way back home, something told her to go ALL the way back to the store (at least an hour's drive), go in the back door, find the bag and get Emily. Gotta' say, I'm glad she did because I love this figure. Sorry Goodwill.

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