Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Safari Ceratosaurus

I love realistic dinosaur toys. Every time I buy a dino, I feel like John Hammond. 

"Welcome... to five plastic dinosaurs posed on a shelf!"

 And by five, I mean more like three. Those realistic dinos carry a hefty price tag, Ten bucks for one small unarticulated figure is hard to swallow no matter how scientifically accurate. Unlike Ingen, I must spare some expense. That's why when I found this Ceratosaurus by Safari on clearance at Hobby Lobby for two bucks, I uttered a small prayer to the saurian gods. The great sky Tyrannus had smiled his toothy grin upon me that day.

Look at that sexy therapod lady. Papo is widely considered the best in the dino toy game, but Safari can still give them a black eye or two, and for a much better price. If you can catch her in just the right light, all those greebly skin knobs and muscle indentations make her look like a living beast. And the junior Jurassic Park ranger in me is thrilled that she's not just any tyrannosaurus look alike, but a Ceratosaurus.

 That's a very specific, very obscure species to give the super-detailed treatment. If they gave out awards for diversity among pretend dinosaur theme parks, this little beauty would put me on top. They don't, because pretending toy dinosaurs are part of a zoo is generally frowned upon, but if they did...

I'm no paleontologist, so I can't tell you if she's completely true to the latest discoveries in dino-science. She definitely passes the "Ceratosaurus squint test", though. Three knobby crests on the head, slender T-Rex like body, smaller stature, it's all there. With a little paint she'd look just like the one in JP3 that refuses to eat Dr. Grant because he's covered in poopy. Class and discerning taste is a true indicator of a Ceratosaur. Couldn't say the same for a Spinosaurus. Filthy, filthy.

It's hard not to recommend this figure. Great sculpt, naturalistic paint job, and an unique species to boot. If you can find it on clearance, jump on it. But if you're like me and have a small dino menagerie, and just want to add a little spice and variety retail price is worth it. I mean, how many times are you gonna' find a Ceratosaurus that looks this good? Y'know, unless JP4 decides to be ALL CERATO ALL THE TIME! You never know.

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