Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lego Monster Fighters Werewolf

Remember that Lego ghost kit last year? From the Monster Fighters line? Well, apparently they made monsters besides ghosts! Who knew?

Haaa I'm just bitter I had to wait an entire year to own this set. You see, I have a confession to make. Werewolves? I kind of like them. Maybe I REALLY like them. Maybe I've been obsessed with werewolves since I was six. Just maybe. Oh, would you look at that. LEGO WEREWOLF.

Oh, and there is a 1930's era all terrain vehicle with revolvers for exhaust pipes? Oh my.

Two figures are included: Major Quinton Steele, monster hunter extraordinaire and your Allan Quartermane substitute for the evening. The detail on Lego figs as of late is just ridiculous. The wrinkled map tucked into a bandolier of massive shotgun rounds tell you exactly who this is and what he does without saying a word. Toting an elephant rifle the size of your body doesn't hurt either.

And then their is the titular Loup Garou in all of his fuzzy lumberjack glory. Just look at that fantastic new headpiece, looking like a mix of classic prosthetic wolf man mask and an actual wolf. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the hand held wolverine claws, but hey they glow in the dark so that's cool.

This kit is like a pulp horror film in a box: You can just imagine that beast of a car belching fire and smoke in an old growth forest, the grizzled hunter trying to run down a ravenous man-beast before it can kill again.

And who doesn't love a travel sized Lycanthrope? Besides fortune telling gypsies, of course.


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