Thursday, October 17, 2013

Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum

Wax museums are creepy at the best of times, but place I'm about to show you... it has it's own special brand of encroaching nausea and dread. The Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum in Hot Springs, AR has existed since 1971, and you can feel it. The warped floorboards creak in discomfort as you step across them, and glass eyes stare out at the same dark hallways they've witnessed for four decades. Just looking at these pictures I can smell the place. I love it. It's one of those rare places that doesn't have a purpose in modern times, but just refuses to fade away. A focal point of forgotten intents and frozen, preserved zeitgeists. Just look at this.

Yeah, these pictures are blurry, but that's how this place feels. The lights are clouded, the hallways are dark, and you never get too clear a view of anything. Also, Mary Todd Lincoln saw Boothe coming. Bitch!

This is probably the best figure in the museum, based on American Werewolf in London. He stands guard at the entrance to the horror section with some Universal wanna-bes, but nothing in that area can even compare to the terror that is Fantasy land.

EVERYTHING here is just unsettling, the yellow lighting, the realistically skinned cartoon characters, the fact that it's just inches away from the torture scenes in horror land. But the absolute worst of all is the Snow White section.

Look at that real ass deer! Look at it! Dopey and Sleepy are mindlessly babbling and ruminating over a real deer carcass. How could things get any more unsettling?

Oh god. I... I think my nose is bleeding. Fittingly enough, this is the last exhibit in the museum. They know you can't POSSIBLY take anymore of this madness after this. Stay Happy friends.

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