Monday, September 30, 2013

October Launch!

October is right around the corner. Hallow's Gorium 2013 time! The new banner is up, some fuzzy goblin friends have infested the place, and I've learned from past mistakes. 

Last year's Halloween coverage was a complete bust. Sure, we witnessed the glory of Lego Ghost, but my laziness ripped the energy from my tippy-tapping fingers. Not so this season. This time... I'VE PLANNED AHEAD! That's right, no hastily slap-shod business here, I spent all of September taking photos, preparing artwork, and writing specifically for 30 days of spooky damn goodness. 

Tomorrow will kick off this season of murderous mirth, but for now dwell on this cicada in a witch hat. Hey, they may be summer bugs but those adorable shells stick around till christm- no, mustn't say it. The fat red man will hear, and awaken from his slumber.

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