Thursday, March 14, 2013

Terrible King in Purple

Whelp, apparently Yu-gi-oh Heroclix is happening, and I have no idea why I'm so excited. Nevertheless, I am all about Celtic Guardian and Summoned Skull teaming up with Batman and Gandalf. I haven't really even thought about duel monsters in years, but whenever I do the first beast that comes to mind is always... hold on I need the big text for a name like this...


See, this regal jerk was in the very first episode of the Yu-gi-oh anime I ever laid eyes on, and they firmly had their hooks in me at "giant two-headed purple dragon rex". To me, he's been the face of the franchise ever since. The moment I saw him I knew that this was going to be a very different beast than Pokemon, where you had a limited number of monsters to choose from. In duel monsters, literally anything could pop out of it's cardboard prison, from giant one eyed pumpkin kings to... well, this guy!

Which is why I'm sad to report that of all of my favorite beasties, this is the only one whose card I don't own. Oh, I tried, trust me. Booster after booster, no purple dino-lord. I didn't even care that his stats were middling and he wasn't anything really special, I was completely convinced that King Rex was the one true stomper of skulls, and that I would dominate the shady underground lunch-time Yu-gi-oh circuit. Lo, the reign of the fuchsia dino-dragon was not to be.

But, not all was lost! For one day in a haze of foil booster wrappers and bitter disappointment,  I stumbled into the toy aisle and found this beauty of a model kit staring back at me! And honestly, this guy is way cooler than a piece of cardboard could ever hope to be. By virtue of his snap-together nature, he even has some basic articulation. He's never been the biggest, always in the shadow of his larger Jurassic Park dino brethren. But in this new age of tighter budgets and smaller figures, he's finally finding his footing as a true tyrant lizard king! King Rex has fantastic sculpting all over his body, from the vertebrae in his twin necks, to the cracks and folds in his skin. I'd daresay this is the best he's ever looked, even compared to his card art or the show. Whoever the sculptor was that decided to take such awesome artistic liberties, I can't praise them enough.

But you know what he could really use? Some tiny Heroclix offspring to nip at his ankles, spreading carnage and destruction across play mats and folding tables worldwide. Every king needs heirs to the throne.


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