Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dilophosaur Don't Give a Damn

What do you do when you forget about your website for three months? Take pictures of dinosaurs.

 That's what my grandfather taught me, anyway. Why are they all Dilophosaurus? Because he's my favorite, that's why. Why would I take pictures of your favorite dinosaur? I don't even know you.

Just look at him. He's adorable! Who wouldn't take pictures of that toothy mug? I took these pictures during a sloppy, cold ice storm, and he still is just dripping with smug. He knows he's the top-shelf, 3 star, A-class dinosaur of choice for the wealthy and hedonistic.

And before even start with the "Boooo Jurassic park neck frills and acid spit and inaccuracy boohoohoooooo!"  consider this: Has a Dilophosaur ever told you to get your hairless monkey self off the couch and back up a tree? No? Then let him live his life! Isla Nublar is a prejudice free zone. Unless you're a fat computer programmer trying to start a jeep.

And can I just point out: This a Jurassic Park 3 figure. The Dilophosaur hasn't been in the movies since the first! Does he not deserve the spotlight once more? His entire rib cage is exposed, yet he still hasn't broken character! Such dedication! I think your choice is clear, Spielberg.

Jurassic Park IV: Day of the Dilophosaur

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