Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Building the Dead

Target for the past few years has embraced the idea of just giving kids a pre-built Halloween bucket and calling it a night, and has devoted a chunk of it's Halloween section to what I like to call "coffin stuffers". Lego has been a mainstay of this tiny toy section, usually putting out a small three to four dollar set of whatever theme they're promoting. But this year... this year the amazing Monster Fighters theme is the flavor of the month, and it tastes like caramel apples.

LEGO FREAKIN' GHOST! I have pined after these tiny plastic departed souls since I was seven, and the Twisted Time Train was shown in Lego magazine swarming with the things. (That's probably why I have a thing for evil trains, too...huh.) 

This isn't the original mold, but dare I say it's better. Just look at that cute little expression of absolute depression. You just know he wants a hug, but he's intangible. Thus is the tragedy of Lego ghost.

 The ball and chain dangling from his foot is a nifty touch, and his entire body is cast in that oh so magical Lego glow-in-the-dark plastic. 

I am thoroughly convinced you could create perpetual daylight by building a room out of Lego ghosts.

The tiny grandfather clock is excellent as well, being completely built out of generic bricks. I'm a sucker for tiny brick built furniture and props, ever since the Catwoman and Batman set's tiny newspaper stand and mailbox. Speaking of the bat, this would make a great addition to a Wayne manor build...

Hats off to Lego, for putting together a Halloween set that perfectly captures the spirit (HO HO!) of the holiday, and resisting the temptation to make a vampire speedboat, or zombie cannon with flick-fire missiles. It's simple, yes, but it's pure. You just can't look at this guy and his stately time piece without feeling jack-o-lantern fires warming your hackles.

This tiny lost soul has taken my laptop as his haunting grounds, the perfect reminder of  what the season is all about.

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