Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mcdonald's Pokemon 2012

One of the first posts I tossed up here last year was about the Happy meal toy Tepig, which was actually pretty good for a freebie. When I heard the burger clowns were rolling out the red and white balls for round two, I had to get my fill of portable plastic pocket monsters.

Of the six available (two less than last year) I scored Axew, Pignite, and Servine. Not tooooo shabby, and not a Pikachu in sight (although I will admit the pika in this set was pretty cute.) Just like last year, the best part about these toys is that they put form first and gimmick second. No crippling button tumors or spring loaded scoliosis in the lot, and more actual articulation than you'd expect. There are paint issues of course, but they cost all of three dollars and come with an ample amount of meat accessories, so what can you do? Wait... six Pokemon, all different types...I see what you did there, Grimace.

Just look at that smug son of a gun. You just know he's thinking about how much money he lines his toilet with. Servine is the one percent. In a rare case of Mcdonalds caring, he comes with a leaf shaped stand so he can actually stay upright on his wee little aristocrat bootie-feet. He can move at the neck and wiggle his leafy T-rex arms. Just all around a really nice figure by any standards, the only thing the Jakks toys really have on him are a lack of obvious screw holes, but for a third of the price and a free trading card AND a mini-meal? that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Some would say Jakks has better paint as well, but let's face it they're no little Dutch Boys either.

OOOHHH YEAHHH!!! I've attested my love for fire pigs before, and time has done nothing to dissuade me. Just look at him! He's a barbecue luchadore! The starter second evolutions are the gimmick-less figures this year, like the legendaries last year, and I suppose that's for the best. Still, I'd kind of like a light-up belly Pignite for HEAT-CRASH ACTION!!!  He can wiggle his macho man arms and that's about it. That'll do Pignite, that'll do.


Aaaaand back to everything else.

Axew has somehow become really popular, managing to shuck off the yolk of not being a starter or Pikachu, and more power to him. He gets what might be the best Mcdonalds toy gimmick ever, with a lever that swings his head back and forth. No big deal, right? Oh no, because not only does it swing his head, it's a two sided switch that controls the direction his head swings! I don't really know why this is so special, but I do know I have been smacking alot of things with Axew tusks for the past week.

And then there's the cards which are always a nice bonus. I'm sure being holographic means next to nothing by now, but it still manages to make me feel like the luckiest jerk ever owning one. And by sheer luck, I managed to get Pignite! Can't stop the fire-pigs!

So, Tepig last year, Pignite this year... maybe Emboar next year? Or sooner? Please, Ronald?


  1. does these series are a variant? cause in my country Mcdonalds sells tepig instead of pignite, the same happens with the other two starters