Thursday, June 28, 2012

For the Love of Bird Men

In 2011, Spinmasters foresaw the death of the Bakugon cash-cow, and set about creating a new one. What they came up with was Redakai, a lenticular card game. Apparently children think transforming marbles are the bee's knees but lenticular cards are just too damn silly, because now you can find Redakai lining the discount aisle. Normally I wouldn't pay any mind to these pretenders to the Pokemon throne, but they went and made a bird man. Fun fact: I can't say no to animal men.

First off let me say this: you do not have to give the remotest crap about Redakai to enjoy this figure. I certainly don't! When you get down to it, he's a big burly raven man with a sword, and that's never a bad thing. He's surprisingly articulate for a spinmasters toy, too, with lots of swivel hinges and ball-jointed hips. He even gets a nice sword that fits the feathery bird theme. Oh and in case you didn't notice, his wings are enormous! His wingspan is about 8-9" and they take up about 2/3 of his body mass. The only thing better than an angry crow man, is an angry crow man who can create cyclones with his enormous razor blade wings.

I just stumbled across this guy in the Target discount aisle for all of three dollars. With Battle Beasts getting not one but two reboots this year I've been all about the animal men lately, and his uncanny resemblance to the Xephos line ( R.I.P sweet prince ) won him a spot on the last life boat off of the sinking Redakai ship. Seriously, if you like what you see, just get him. He's dirt cheap and a figure this good doesn't deserve to be forgotten due to his dubious lineage. Oh, and apparently his name is Harrier. I'm totally okay with bird men with bird puns for names.

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