Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Earth's Tiniest Heroes

Welcome, dear friends, to a new age of human accomplishment. We are officially living in the "Post-Avengers" age. Generations from now, this will be remembered as a golden age, an idealized better time. Revel in it, make the best of it.

Whatever, let's talk about Mini-mates!

It was about this time last year, before Thor and Captain America hit theaters, that I decided on Mini-mates for my definitive Avengers toy line.  I mean, Art Asylum has been pumping out quality product for about ten years now, I'm pretty sure they're not going anywhere in the next ten. I admit, I felt a few twangs of guilt skipping the Hasbro Cap and Thor lines, but man did it pay off 'cuz Mini-mates are actually more articulated than the Hasbro Avengers figures! Not to mention a much better value with two figures in a pack plus a ton of extras.They also save me a ton of space, I mean the entire Thor cast takes up about five inches of shelf space, and when you buy as much crap as I do, space is precious sweet goooooold. With this Iron man and Hulk two-pack from the Avengers line, my team is complete! (sort of)

Can I just say, it feels great owning a pocket-sized Robert Downey Junior? Seriously, look at that likeness. That is RDJ without a nose. And take a look at bulked up Hulk! Finally, after years of trial and error, the Hulk Mini-mate has been perfected, and he really makes this set a steal when you realize that he basically has another mini-mate wrapped around him to add mass. And none of those dreaded duck feet in site, some big grounded quaking hulk feet! Also, I'm totally going to swap those hands onto other mini-mates as "Hulk Hands"! 

DST crammed a ton of extras in this pack as well, like an awesome flight stand for Tony (thank god, I've been needing one of these for ages) a helmet with the faceplate raised for RDJ pretty face time action! and a wig piece for the sans helmet look. And even Hulk, with all that extra plastic stacked ontop of him, gets an extra calmer head. Did I mention these are about seven bucks a piece? The same price as the Hasbro figures? Yep.

They blend in perfectly with the other movie figures, so if you missed out on the previous Hulk and Iron man figures, or even if you have them, don't skip picking these two up as they are a major improvement. The new half-torso Iron Man armor and the new boot pieces look alot better than the Iron Man 2 version, and the Hulk... well he actually looks like the Hulk. And not a skinny green man with duck feet. The villains from the past lines still look great though, so just buy what you like and just mix it up! My Hulk has been punching a Frost Giant in the crotch for weeks, the possibilities are endless!

Oh man, just look at that. It's just a certain sort of sublime, seeing a group of characters come together after years of build up. Do I even need to tell you how great Avengers was? Didn't think so.
I still need a Hawkeye and Natasha, and I kinda sorta am in a raging lust for some movie Chitauri (the one time the duck feet actually work), and DST has me covered. Bring on Thor 2 and Iron Man 3, and I can't wait for Guardians of the Galaxy and Antman and anybody else Marvel wants to slap on the silverscreen. No matter how they turn out, there will always be this one great shining moment, and I'm sure there will always be great Mini-mates to fill out the cast.