Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Proudly Presenting a Pre-prepared Pandaren Papercraft Pattern

Knowing the track record of male centric WoW merchandise, I wasn't willing to wait for all the non-existent  female Pandaren products to come. Thus, I took up exacto and glue on a crusade for chubby panda women to litter my desk! 

They come in both panda flavors: Giant and Red, with a unique parts for both to make things interesting.They're dressed in the monk starting gear, based on this image. The pop-out bits like the cheeks and hips are completely optional for cubee purists, I just felt like they needed a little something extra to properly portray their pleasant plumpness ( Oh god the alliteration! It won't stop!)

I also took the liberty of deleting the unnecessary tabs, 'cuz glue is the only way to do it. Sorry slot-tabbers, but your small-time. SMALL-TIME! Special thanks to Cubeecraft for devising the perfect SD Papercraft pattern, and China for having the best of bears.


  1. These are adorable! Totally snagging :D Thank you.

  2. Hey mate, I LOVE these, they are sooo cute! I was looking for an easy project I can put together and post up on my own blog this month for the MoP release(I will of course have a link back here for the pattern). I was wondering if I could have your permission to do so.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to see this, yeah of course you can!