Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mandalore in Mandoli

Strap on your non-firing rocket jet packs. Fortune calls. 

Everybody loves Mandalorians. Lucas knows it, Dave Filoni knows it, and now Lego knows it, hence the Mandalorian Battle Pack. A handful of Boba Fett clones (not those clones) and enough space-kit to level a small planet for about thirteen bucks? You could do a hell of a lot worse. A Gungan battle pack for instance... hahaha, no, I'd trip an orphan cripple for a platoon of heavily armed Gungans.

The first thing you should take note of is how vastly superior the actual building kit bits are in this set over the Snowtrooper pack. Stationary blast-shielded laser cannon trumps dinky flick fire missile any day of the week. And that giant tripod mounted beast! I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure it could blow a hole in a rancor on the next moon over.  And AND you get a speeder that's actually canon, and pretty dang slick. This veritable glut of death dealing plasteel goes a long way towards making this feel like an actual value, and not just an excuse to sell four Boba Fetts in a box. This is pretty much the norm for the Clone Wars battle packs, and when the results are this nice I'm all for Lego stretching their wings a bit. Just because it's not "canon" doesn't mean it's bad.

Speaking of Boba Fett, these murderous soldiers-of-fortune aren't just repaints of the old Boba Fett minifig like I expected. The helmet and jet pack are separate pieces, allowing for EXCITING HEAD-TURNING ACTION! Just like the real thing! The helmet is also removable. Never remove the helmet. Just don't. You never read this. Another nice feature of the new helmet is a plug for range-finders, so you can customize your individual troops to give 'em a bit of personality. Well, theoretically since this set doesn't give you any, but the potential is there!

I've really enjoyed what The Clone Wars has done with modern Mando's. The struggle between the average citizens who wish for peace and structure, versus the Deathwatch extremists who refuse to give up the ol' massacre-for-hire gig helps these guys feel alot less like a faceless army of Boba Fett's. (Not to mention I have an unhealthy infatuation with Satine. DEM DELICIOUS PLAIN FEATURES) 

Fun fact: Deathwatch wasn't created for The Clone Wars. They've been around since the Episode II prequel comics. Mr. Filoni does his homework.

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