Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Dull Safety-Scissor Edge of Technology

With all of the buzz around the PS Vita flying around, and a sudden attack of nostalgia for the Jak series, I found myself dusting off ye' olden Portable Station of Play. "I'll just play Daxter for a minute!" I said, oblivious to the craven depraved orgy of memory sticks and UMDs to come.

Thus in the spirit of being timely and topical (HA!) I present to you not only a PSP wallpaper, but the OFFICIAL  ORK KLEAVAGE PLAYSTATION PORTABLE WALLPAPER!!!

  Now you, too, can represent a website you've never heard of on a console you never use! You're welcome.(Pro-tip: If I actually meet a stranger both using a PSP and using this wallpaper, I will grant them the kingship of England) Now, I'm off to hoard 8gig memory stick pro duos before they become valuable. (HA!) I will build the ultimate outdated piece of hardware! Then they will forsake their fancy touchscreens and cameras...back in my day...grmblllgrmbl...

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