Sunday, February 5, 2012


Oh, after Christmas sales. You give me such wonderful new things to completely waste my money on. And at affordable, naye, genocidal prices! And that's how Ninjago began biting chunks out of my wallet.

They had the Garmadon and Whyplash (oh, that just has Mortal Kombat written all over it) spinners for $3.40, and I figured why not just grab a couple for some fancy new pieces to spread among the masses. Little did I know, those stupid tops are probably the greatest technological innovation in this decade. Toy tops. Not time machines. Reality is cruel.

What you get in these spinner packs is what you see in the picture, thus making this paragraph irrelevant. Go on. Skip it. I won't blame you. (Yes I will.) 

A Minifigure, the top, some cards, and two changes of weapon isn't too bad for the full retail of about ten bucks. Especially when you consider alot of those weapons are new or hard to get.

Let's start with Garmadon, the impotent Lord of Darkness. Just look at this poor guy. The potential is there, he just doesn't know how to accessorize! I mean, a fancy hat is all that sets him apart from the unwashed lego masses! Let's set him up with the SKELETOR SYSTEM FOR EVIL MEN tm 

There we go! Flanked by undead bodyguards, and draped in a billowing cape and the stench of death, Garmadon is truly a name to fear! 

Henchmen provided by Meatsheilds R' Us, Wardrobe by Terrordrome Outfitters.

Whyplash fairs quite a bit better, with all those newly molded skeleton body parts and big mad max shoulderpads. And I stand by my prior statement, if this guy isn't a dlc character for MK9 it's because he's just too much damn Kombat for Midway to handle.

Let's focus in on those stupid tops for a second. You saw the video, you saw how long that freakin' thing spins. You know what's funny? That was the most half-assed one handed spin ever. And they spin like that every time. Not only that, but I've seen people spin them upside down,and they still spin forever. No mechanical parts what-so-ever, it's just that damn well weighted. Clearly the lego group are wizards that could cure cancer. If they wanted to. What treacherous secrets lye behind Bob's smile?

The other greatest thing ever is the new two sided "lightsaber" handle piece that Whyplash's Whyp is made of. I've seen people make nunchaku, tonfa, maces, swordhandles, just a ton of unique weapons out of that piece. Speaking of pieces... 

MMMPH, DAT PARTS SPREAD. Lots of great new bits to spread the wealth. And Johnny M******N' THUNDER finally has the whip (not to be confused with Whyp) that he deserves. You can't put a price on destiny fulfillment.

I'd love to say that this is enough. That I'm happy with this little detour through Lego-land and I'm back on the highway to ADVENTURE. But it's already begun. I've already bought a new Ninjago set for full retail. And I want more. MORE. MORE!


  1. Fujimaru Pantsu and Orochi Bone Man in...
    Showdown in the Land of Invisible Floors! (Hall of Origin, if you prefer)

    Those Ninjago did look interesting, with their spinnyness and whatnot. Can we start making Ninjago battle requests? I would love to see many others settle their differences once and for all the real way for once.