Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Haul 2011

The new year has sprung, and the holly jolly loot-sack strings must be drawn. It's Christmas haul time!

Presented in horrible lighting and with terrible MS Paint bullet-points, for your pleasure! The best part about receiving yuletide gifts? Heaping them all into a massive pile and sitting on them like a dragon hording his gold. It's also an easy way to thank your friends and family without actually making an effort. Suck it, well wishers!

  A. Lion-o: One step closer to a complete team of Thundercats, thanks to the wife. Last one they had, too, atop a heap of thunderkittens and shriveled Mumm-ras, both of which should be cheaper than everyone else. I'm proud of you, average consumer. Don't pay the same price for less.

 B. Mega-Bloks Falcon: OHO SWEET LORD have I been waiting for this one. I have had the money for this kit on no less than three separate occasions, all ready to go, only for every store in the state to have absolutely none. My retail savior? K-mart. Sunova... Thanks again to the wondrous wife. This is going to be a running theme. Speaking of which...

C. Waybig: The wife spoils me once again! I could care less about Ben 10: Alien Impregnation Force or whatever the current show is, but I have a massive soft spot for the original series, and I SUPER DUPER DOUBLE FRIGGIN' HELL LOVE <3 <3 <3 Waybig. When you cross Ultraman with a dinosaur, you get pure weapons grade love.

D. Deadly Premonition: C-C-Combo Breakah! Something the Wife didn't buy me, but my good freind Nick did (keep an ear out for his manly cadence-laden voice, you'll be hearing it in the months to come). As you can clearly see, the price tag is clearly visible, which I take deep personal offense to. For shame, you tactless roustabout! 40 lashings about the neck and face!

This game man. This freakin' game. A psychological mystery thriller that may or may not be paranormal or a complete hallucination, made in Japan but set in rural America. If that doesn't say it all...

E. Silver and Arctic combat units: Oh, hey, back to the wife spoiling me. I've been bitten hard by the army building bug, and have the savage addictive urge to own EVERY mold in EVERY color. Good thing the figures are just that damn good. And the arctic team? let's just say it tends to snow in January here.

F. Godzilla: If look really hard and squint, you just might catch a glimpse of the 12 inch vinyl Godzilla in this picture. Can you spot it? 20 bucks for the father of all monsters in a scale big enough to tower over all others? Money well spent.I just realized that three out of six entries on this list were made by Bandai America. Well played, sirs.
Thanks Gramma!

Well, that's it. Another Christmas has to be laid to rest and memory. As I sit here slugging away at my discounted hot chocolate and candy cane shaped marshmellows, typing poorly worded ideas for strangers to giggle at, and counting my treasures, one thought dominates all others: A new year, a new Christmas to come...

Good night, my New Year blessed brothers, and dream of the spoils to come...