Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's a Summophlange?

Can you feel the magic? CAN YOU HEAR THE ROAR?! IT'S PANTHRO TIME!

Oh yes. As soon as we saw the promo artwork for the new show, I knew I was going to love Panthro. When you take an already strong character, mix in one part Hellboy, and blend well you get one badass smoothie. And then Kevin Micheal Richards stepped up to the voice-acting plate and knocked it out of the park. That man is the living embodiment of the hard-ass with a heart of gold, my favorite character archetype ever. The fact that Panthro had a very well-written intro and story arch is just the cherry on top of that smoothie. It probably tastes like blueberry.

With Panthro being a man (O-HO SEXISM) he gets much better articulation than Cheetarah. It's only a balljointed neck and waist joint shy of Hasbro toys, and ample movement for any super-duper kung-fu nunchaku poses you'll need. You get his Nunchaku all ready to bust some domes, and a folded pair to tuck in his belt for when he's just workin' on his baby. Gotta be gentle with that 30 ton death tank. 

Only real complaint is that there are several missing paint apps. Surprise, it's made by Bandai! The Nunchaku should be red and blue, but Bandai never paints weapons, ever so no big deal. The main problem is around his nose, his nostrils should be the same light blue of the rest of his face. Without it he has serious old man nose going on, and looks about 20 years too old. Oh well, easy enough to bust out the brushes for a little touch up!

Man does he have some massive hands. I mean that in the most gloriously praising way possible. Those things could crush cinder blocks. A nice side effect of his elephantiasis is that his mitts are just the right size to hold Transformers tools, and Wheeljack has just the right kit for a fellow mechanic. Speaking of cross-franchise cooperation, He and Agent Helix have taken quite a liking to each other. I think it's their shared interest in massive death dealing engines of war.
If you only get one T-cats figure (and you hate Lion-o...you meanie.) then get Panthro. He's big, bulky and definitely gives you your money's worth, considering Wiley-kit is sold for the same price. And can you really put a price on holding a tiny Kevin Micheal Richards in your hand? Yes you can. It's $7.99.

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