Friday, December 2, 2011

Go Blue Team!

Is it true? Can it be?! The curse is lifted, my Target finally has the stock they should have had in August! It's been a hard, long wait but the exclusive Halo Mega-bloks blue team weapons pack is in my skeletal fingers! 

This is the first of the new Elite mold that I've had the chance to molest, and man was it worth the wait. "Improvement" doesn't even begin to describe how much better this sculpt is than the last, and the old one was a solid figure to begin with. The new torso has a much needed weapon plug on the back, and the sculpted mandibles on the new head are menacing as hell.

The kit load out is as such:

1x Carbine

1x Plasma Pistol

2x sexy painted Plasma Grenades

and the gooey glaze on this alien death-dealing donut

2x painted Needlers!

That's right, not one but two of the brand new needlers and they're both painted. Just the right amount for some good ol' fashioned dual wielding. What's that Bungie? Dual Needlers too powerful? Not fair? On the Deskscape, there is no "fair" only pink exlposive DEATH.

You also get one of the nifty new Covenant weapons crates to stash the extra munitions in. Oh, and you get the best display base ever. It's a super tiny chunk of jungle! There's a little rock and plant that you can slap down wherever you want to make this little spit of the Congo feel like home.

And it's versatile! take out the Halo elements and you've got a very different display. I love you Lego, we grew up together, but when it comes to display bases I have to rule in favor of big man Mega. Just imagine how great these little bits of land will be when the World of Warcraft line hits shelves, and you've already got a little piece of Un'goro Crater to loot and pillage!

For six bucks you just can't beat this set. Nearly every piece in it is new, and the few that aren't are painted up all nice and sexy. This is without a doubt the best weapons pack yet, and hopefully a sign of things to come. Now if only Target had stocked his crimson arch nemesis...

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