Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Mold to Rule Them All

The Hobbit is creeping closer and closer, and Peter Jackson's production video diaries have got me strapping on the hairy feet and elf ears again. I've started dragging out my Lord of the Rings stuff, and suddenly remembered the LotR Minimates set I bought on Free Comic Book Day earlier this year.

It was during my last Minimates buying frenzy, and I stumbled across a single Boromir and Merry set rotting on the pegs at Hastings for ten bucks. I'd just finished Lost, and Charlie was one of my favorite characters so there was no way in hell it wasn't getting bought. These were made almost ten years ago, and I don't think this thing was touched since. I tried blowing off the dust and instantly got black lung. Organ transplant costs aside, it was totally worth it 'cuz these figures are really damn nifty.

They're Minimates, so you know what to expect, but they still have a few surprises up their cylindrical sleeves. They both have working sheathes for their tiny swords for one thing. There are six inch figures who can't say the same. One tiny little disappointment is that in order to pull off the height difference between Hobbits and Elves they built the Hobbits on the basic Minimates body, and everyone else on the original 2.5 inch body. No spiderman/Frodo team-up extravaganza :(
That is, unless you want to recreate "Attack of the Mega-Baggins!"

Considering he has no nose, Merry manages to look alot like Dom Monaghan. The sculpted cloak and over-shirt capture that unique LotR feel really well for a block figure, too. And look at those tiny little hairy feet! He only gets a sword and sheathe for accessories, but considering it's Merry what else could they give him? Besides some nice, crispy bacon that is. 

His sword is another victim to plastic packaging, though. Just look at that massive bend, I don't think being sat under all the books in the world can undo ten years of that.

Boromir got all the accessory love in this two-pack, with his sword and shield and the Horn of Gondor. He doesn't look quite like Sean Bean, but there's no way in hell you don't know who this is. Fortunately his sword is made of sterner plastic and doesn't lean to the left like Merry's. (DO HO HO!) Also, ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY BLOCK INTO MORDOR!

Now I need a tiny Frodo for him to terrorize...

I usually never keep packaging, but just look at this! It's a tiny Bag end! There are even tiny windows on the sides. And the cardboard backer is the middle-earth map! You can tell these were made in the golden peak of the toy industry, before oil costs beat the "fun-budget" out of it. 

These little guys are great, and it's too bad the line ended after the second wave. A third wave was planned, but never made it to shelves. If they were more readily available you can bet your ass I'd be building a tiny orc army to pillage and plunder the Desk-scape! If you happen across these in a local shop and the price is right, go for it, especially if you want a tiny taste of Tolkien on your desk to waste time messing with.  Now, time to break out the Legos. My kingdom for a tiny block Shire...

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