Friday, November 18, 2011

One and a Half Pack

The Tolkien-fest continues! The first set of Lord of the Rings figures I ever bought was the Gimli and Uruk-hai two pack Toybiz released during Fellowship. It retailed for fifteen or so, but I stumbled across it and the Frodo and Sam two pack on a school trip to the mall, in K B Toys for six freakin' bucks each! Man, that was one loooong awkward bus ride home. Never has buying toys been so humiliating yet so so satisfying. I miss K B Toys :(

I was going to use ye' olden lightbox for this review, but when you look at these guys they just beg to be taken outdoors! Just look at the details in the sculpts, and the crazy amount of paint apps. Can you believe these were ten dollar Wal-mart toys at one point? Now days Neca and Mezco are the only guys who can even approach this quality, and you'll definitely be paying for it. Damn you, economics!

Ten years ago was a much different time in the toy industry, and Gimli shows it. He looks absolutely fantastic, has a working holster for his axe on his belt, and you see those black spots on his armor? Orc blood. That's right they painted splattered ORC BLOOD all over him. Holy crap. It's like holding a tiny clone of John Rhys Davies in your hand. And who doesn't want that, am I right ladies? If you saw a figure that looked this good today you'd think "Man, he must be able to move like a beast!" 

He's basically a really pretty 90's X-men figure, only moving at the hips and shoulders. He also has a barely functioning spring loaded axe throwing gimmick, yay. It really drives home that these were meant for kids. That makes how damn good he looks that much more impressive. And when you look this good, does it really matter that you can't moon walk? He's a dwarf, axe-ing things in the face is all he needs.

Oh man the Uruk-hai. I love Uruk-hai more than I could ever express. If I were rich, I would fill an entire room with a massive rank and file Uruk army and go all Sarumon on that ass. And considering how good this figure looks, it'd be worth it. You've got eyes, you can see all the details in the pictures, but here's something that can't be portrayed in photos. That shield? It feels like rough brazen fire-forged steel, and you'd swear it was made of metal if you didn't know better. I have never seen another toy achieve that. Again, children's toyline. Mind blown.

He's got a leg up on Gimli (HO HO 'cuz he's a Dwaaaarf!) in the articulation department with elbows and knees and the ringer: ANKLES! That's plenty for all the snarly sword-slappin' poses you'll need. Unfortunately, no wrists. awwwwww...

He has a vaguely-sword-waving gimmick too, but one thing Toybiz did right (you know, on top everything else they did right) is ratchet the shoulders so that they're still pose-able. 

These two are still my favorite LotR figures I've got, you just can't beat two nice looking figures loaded with great looking accessories. Articulation picked up and gimmicks went down as the line progressed, but these two still stand up to the later entries, and if you ask me this is the best Gimli made. Now I just need Lurtz, a berserker, and a crossbowman and I'll have a decent Uruk raiding party...

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