Monday, November 21, 2011

Green Lantern Animated Series Premeire Thoughts

Apparently the new Green Lantern show, one I've been looking forward to, had a nice big hour long preview last Friday. And I completely missed it because I'm a complete tit (at least that's what the British tell me!) 

Now that I've finally seen it, my thoughts:


I went in expecting a watered down child friendly GL, and what I got was a classic sci-fi flavored punch to the face. One of the major complaints leveled at this series' head was that it was a cheap cash-in to promote the movie, and would be a wacky romp in cartoon land.

Let me describe the delightful opening scene for you: Two red lanterns have captured a green lantern hostage, and have a lovely discourse on the subject of what to do with him. They come to the wonderful conclusion that if they kill him, his ring will find a new host, and they can kill them too!
Fun for the whole family!

Speaking of the red lanterns holy crap the red lanterns are the main villains! I mean, I expected to see the Sinestro corps. later in the season or something, but no, one of the cool new corps. from war of light are the main antagonists! Zilius Zox is in the first episode, and I can't wait see more of their members. Like Bleez. Or Dex-starr. There damn well better be Dex-starr. Meow bitches. 

Let's talk mister big red RAGE himself, Atrocitus. His new design is...weird. Not bad, but not really what you expect Atroc-y to look like. Then again this is on Cartoon Network, and I can't imagine a character that looks like a skinned human head that constantly spews up boiling blood is going to win over soccer moms any time soon. That said, this guy is definitely the big ol' hate machine we know and love. The first thing out of his fanged maw is a spiel about how the guardians will pay for destroying- well Skaar is what they call it in the show. Again, don't think a red devil spaceman yelling about Sector 666 would go over too well with the Christian Alliance.
And the GL roster is no disappointment either, with Kilowog, Salaak, and Ganthet being a bro as usual. Man I love Kilowog, and I really dig the unique costume he's got this time around. He also has a Brooklyn accent exactly like the Thing. Weird, but I love the Thing. I am okay with this.

The show starts off light-hearted and fun, so I can understand why people would write it off, but by the end of the second episode, some seriously heavy stuff has hit the fan. Holy character development, Batman! They actually bring up Kilowog's past, explore the emotions of one of the red lanterns, and even explore the family life of  an average Green Lantern. Some really rich stuff here. 

And Hal. Oh, Hal. I've already seen people complaining about this version of him not being accurate. At one point he seduces a female version of Hal 9000. That's pretty much Hal in a nutshell. Thick, womanizing, and exactly who you want by your side when Darkseid starts playing musical chairs with doomsday devices. 
The art direction is extremely minimalist and cartoony, it looks exactly like a 3d version of the Bruce Timm DCAU art style. This is pretty much the opposite of Transformers: Prime and The Clone Wars, and I dig it. It shows the kind of range that CGI animation can have, and the more versatile an art form the better. The minimalistic set design also gives  space and the planets a real 50's Buck Rogers/Star Trek feel. It really keeps the series from being Clone Wars light, and it's a look that really suits the campy space opera action feel that the Green Lantern story thrives in.

Speaking of space, the show may look simple but it still is packed with little details. For example, every time a lantern is in space they are covered in green light to show that the ring is protecting them from the vacuum. Nice little bit, that.

This is definitely a series to keep an eye on, and early next year it'll be coming on after Thundercats so you know damn well you'll be there anyway.

Now. Larfleeze. Doooooo iiiiiiiit...

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