Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eco-rapist 5000

Can you believe it's almost been two years since Avatar was in theaters? It seems like just yesterday Pandoran death cults were making headlines, but there hasn't been any talk of a sequel since October of last year. Love it or hate it, you have to admit Avatar had a pretty damn impressive toyline, chock full of big vehicles and beasts, and topped with the sweetest cherry of all: The AMP Suit

I just rekindled my mad, dirty lust for this mecha-beast a few days ago, and haven't stopped touching it since. Looking for all the world like the loading Exo-suit from Aliens on steroids, this guy towers over 3 3/4 inch figures, and pretty much anything else shy of a Leader class 'former. And dear god is he poseable, way more poseable than this blocky design has any right to be. Stick a good figure in the cockpit, and you've got a Russian nesting doll of sexy plastic goodness. That's the true meaning of love, children: joints in your joints so you can pose while you pose.

And as for tools of wanton death-dealing, he packs a massive rifle and a nifty little machete tucked away in a sheathe just under the cockpit. Tiny problem with the BFG: it's so heavy that he has trouble holding it up. But is that really even something to complain about? The giant robot's gun is too big?

And the M. Night Shamadalamammamamammal twist? I don't even own any of the human figures from Avatar! The little lady in the photos above? Agent Helix from the G.I. Joe movie line, who just so happens to be the main person I bought this for. What can I say, lady likes her some firepower. In fact, pretty much any slender (sorry Thanos) 3 3/4" scale figure can fit snugly in the cockpit if you take the time to fiddle with it a bit.

The Avatar toyline was a rare bird that you just don't see anymore. Not since the Jurassic Park toys came and went had that perfect mix of crazy awesome creatures and bulky, fun vehicles been achieved. If you collect small scale figures, look into this line regardless of your feelings on the movie, 'cuz this is the best use of the scale in ages. I haven't checked the Ebay prices lately, but if you can get an AMP suit on the cheap, jump on it. You just can't put a price on 12" of pure metal ass-stomp.

Now let's just hope that when Cameron cranks out those sequels we get a hell of alot more Mechs and Monsters!

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