Friday, November 4, 2011

CoH part 6: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

SO after being raided by Arachnos twice wheels finally started turning. Why would Arachnos care so much about the underwear of one tiny unknown superteam in the middle of the safest place in the city? It's like they weren't after panties at all!

 I brought up my concerns to Dillo, and we discussed it while pondering the vast mysteries of vending machines. I mean, why does one Mrs. Feild's cookie cost more than a bag of bugles? What was I doing? Oh right, the greater good. I should go talk to Grymm.
 The important thing about talking to Grymm is maintaining eye contact for at least an hour beforehand.You have to assert dominance. And no sudden movements, or he'll eat your face. He told me to go talk to Flambeux. Awww, do I have to?
 Flambeux gives me some crap about her hair being perfect, and just keeps saying stupid things. That I can deal with. Then she calls me stupid. OHOHOHO No, my friend. Did you know that a Yeti can slap the paintjob off a tank? Flambeux does.
 Apparently I knocked some (very little) sense into her, because she tells me about some arrows she found the last time Arachnos invaded the base. The arrows belong to Manticore. Manticore is this world's answer to Batman. Dear god. 

Clearly Arachnos has taken him hostage! I gather up the group, and we storm the gates of Manticore's mansion on the outskirts of town! The group meaning me, since I'm the only one capable of getting things done. Oh my yes, quite luxurious. And empty. Nothing bad ever happens in abandoned mansions. Never. 

What the...Grymm? GRYMM! NOOOOOOOOOOO wait this thing is dated 1776. Never mind, then.

Oh look, thugs. SO MANY THUGS. You can't toss a doomsday device without hitting a friggin' thug. I reaaally should have brought help. Like a SUPER-TEAM, maybe. Too bad I'm not a member of one of those.

After wading through a sea of cannon fodder, I finally find the big guy. THE KING HAS RETURNED! And apparently he was behind this all along! It was all just a test! Of course it was, this guy is basically Batman in a fluffier suit. Dickery comes with the territory. But the good news is, he approves, and better yet, wants to join the team! You mean someone competent AND rich?! Yes, please!
I asked him where all the panties went, but he had already vanished. Damn Batman types.

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