Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cheetah Can't Change it's Spots

I finally managed to track down some Thundercats goodness! The distribution on this line is ridiculous, one store out the six that are in the surrounding towns here. Really?  
I picked up Cheetarah. Man, I love the new Cheetarah design. If it weren't for Kevin Micheal Richards Panthro goodness, she'd have the top character slot, no contest. I mean for a female character designed by a Japanese animation studio, she's even more muscular and powerful than most western characters. That's pretty damn impressive.

Fortunately, this figure does a good job of capturing her likeness. I was more than a little suspect when Bandai America got the license, but they've done the 'Cats justice so far. One problem with Bandai: They adamantly avoid doing female figures. UH-OH. 

Yeah, she's not quite as good looking from the side. by which I mean she freakin' disappears when she turns sideways. That wouldn't be too bad, if it weren't for the magnet gimmick. Tiny feet don't mix with heavy magnets, and she has a hell of a time standing. Sad kitty :c. She has peg holes in her feet, but they're an odd size and none of my Hasbro 3 3/4" figure stands had big enough pegs.

Some people have complained about the three way swivels she has at the hips instead of balljoints, but I haven't had any problems getting her into "I'mma smack you in the face with mah stick" poses. It's just getting her to stand up in them that's the issue. Once you track down a nice base, she may not be on the Kung-fu grip G.I. Joe side of the articulation chart, but she holds her own. 

...Okay, are the nit-pickers gone? Yes? Good. THIS FIGURE IS FUUUUUUUUN! I haven't stopped fiddling with her (oh HO!) since I popped her bubble open. (BO HO HOOOO!) She looks good, moves well enough, and is just all around a nice desk toy, once you figure out how to keep her standing. And she apparently plays well with others, because sometime in the past week she picked up a pet. One of my Halo Mega-Bloks Hunters hasn't left her side. Don't ask, my desktop is an oasis of plastic debauchery, and what happens there stays there. Like Vegas. 40's and 50's Vegas. Good Vegas.

Speaking of which, I've got some lurid erotic fan-fiction to write...

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