Saturday, November 5, 2011

20,000 Pixels to Hell

Ever thought to yourself "I like Minecraft, but I just hate the 3rd dimension!" ? Then have I got a game for you! Terraria!
Okay, in all honesty this game is only about 20 percent Minecraft and 80 percent Castlevania. You'll be doing alot more item gathering and monster slaying than mining, and that's A-okay.

A nice little touch I didn't expect was character customization. I am, of course, the fine lady of color (that color being green). Yes, there is both mining and crafting, but your goal is less "shape this world to be my grand masterpiece" and more " I will crush and conquer this land with SCIENCE!" The better the materials you gather, the stronger you get, but so do the monsters you have to fend off. There are TONS of secrets to uncover, and more are added with every update

Now, let's talk about the crafting. The crafting is a bitch. But that's by design, and part of what makes the game so fun. It's less harvesting a living from the land, and more like an rpg weapon crafting system. As an example, here's what you need to make a healing potion: First, you need wood for a crafting table. Then more wood for a normal table. Then stone and torches to make a forge. Then sand to make glass. Then you turn the glass into bottles, and put one on the table to make a alchemy table. Then you need goo from a slime. AND MUSHROOMS. RAUUUUUUUUGHH!!!! But that's kind of the point, the harder you work to find things, the easier it becomes to get those things, but there is always something better on the horizon.

And then there's the meat and potatoes, the combat. This is what it's all about, slashing zombies, farming rare drops, and upgrading DAT EQUIPMENT. There are alot of enemies, from skeleton miners and sharks, to bosses like the Eye of C'thulhu. And then there's the Blood Moon. The damn Blood Moon. Imagine your just mining away, 5,000 feet away from your house, and suddenly OOPS BLOOD MOON, THE FLOOR IS NOW ZOMBIES. Zombies, zombies everywhere. More zombies than people who were ever alive. That. Damn. Blood. Moon.

There's also a great Multiplayer mode. Nothing like dropping dynamite down the mineshaft your loyal companion spent three hours digging. Did I do thaaaaaat?

You can pick up Terarria on Steam, and I suggest you do so before it blows up, 'cuz there's a steady stream of updates and the game just keeps getting better and better.

To all of you loyalists, don't worry. Minecraft is still lord of it's domain. Terraria just has a little fun with a few things borrowed out of it's toybox.

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