Saturday, October 8, 2011

Watch the Extras

Every year, we get Halloween episodes. It's just the way of things. Even if the show doesn't take place on Earth, or even during modern times, someone somewhere carves pumpkins and gussies up for candy-beggary. These episodes are both a blessing and a curse for the heavy Toon-addicts, because the animators just loooooove slipping in costume cameos and we have to strain our poor basement adapted eyes at the background to try and spot them. Most of the time they're obscure characters that had no chance of ever appearing in an actual episode, or a character from another show the creators worked on. Then there is the one to rule them all.

Spectacular Spiderman introduced a new character in a throwaway Halloween cameo! That is the genuine Black Cat, not some shmuck in a costume. Just casually strollin' along for all of a second on screen. Bear in mind, she wouldn't be in an actual episode until waaaaaay later in the season. Well played, sirs.

And then there are those that are not so obvious, but right in front of your face. Transformers Animated didn't need Halloween cameos, the whole damn show is one big cameo. But one tiny little thing that might slip your notice...
Disregarding how FREAKIN' ADOOOOOOOORABLE Sari is dressed as Optimus, the true cameo here is... Cardboardimus Prime, Favorite among broke untalented convention go-ers!

Keep an eye on the crowd-shots, animators are tricksy ones...

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