Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Totally Not Reign of Fire

Finally got my hands on some Dragon's Universe! Imagine knights and dragons, but in the future. That's Dragon's Universe. Also the dragons are from space. Awesome.

Unfortunately, the distribution here is non-existant. I only managed to snag this one random Alliance soldier figure pack through sheer luck (here's lookin' at you, Sabrefox). But man, was it worth it. Just as much articulation as the Halo spartans, with twice the firepower and raw plastic involved. If you can find these in your area, throw down the two-fiddy. just do it.

Uh-oh wall-o-pics!

One of the great things about this line is that there is virtually no backstory, so feel free to pull it out of your ass! The only thing to go on is that they hate dirty lizards and have a name (this one being Spurius) so this is what I came up with:

Mira Spurius was born into one of the oldest of the sorcerous bloodlines, and thus expected to enroll in one of the arcane Universities once she came of age. In a surprising move (and openly resented) she instead enlisted, and was among the first wave of colonists sent to populate the first earth colony, shortly before the Predavore invasion. Due to her raw mana manipulation abilities and seeming inability to sit still for too long, Spurius quickly found herself commanding the infamous Blue Devil scouting unit. This was as much a way to keep her untrained and instinctual mana spurts
 from harming the infantry on the frontlines, or causing malfunctions in the mana-powered artillary, as a promotion.

She shares a bond with her second-in-command, Ziggrub, one of the few remaining Orcs, and the only one currently enlisted. As such, she is a strong proponent of orcish repopulation after the near-extinction caused by the Oz'grub conflict. This also is most likely a contributing factor to her squads early-adoption of defecting Predavore soldiers.

Bear in mind that sketch was done at 2 in the morning before posting this article. Yep.

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