Sunday, October 16, 2011

CoH part 5: What a Twist!

Remember the G-man from before, had his wife captured by Arachnos? Well, he's gotten himself Arachnos. Maybe I should look up any relations, maybe an uncle or grandmother kidnapped by Arachnos? Just rescue the entire damn clan at once.

I beat the location out of some punks, burst down the door to the dingy warehouse he's kept in and...oh.
Slightly more... homely than I expected. Apparently Arachnos liked the neighborhood, and decided to make this dirty pee-stained warehouse home. 

Same old, same old. Axe to the face, grateful citizens, adrenaline-fueled orgy, awkward silence of regret afterwards. Let me tell you, Atlas Park is full of freaks. But with Mister and Mrs. G-man in safe hands, who betrayed him in the first place? Oh no! It was Mister Generic Mcquest-giver! 

He starts goin' on about blah blah good needs evil blah blah 35 minutes ago. Then he asks me to kill him for the greater good or some crazy BS. Ha ha, no, enjoy your prison.

Awww happily re-united again. There's no way they'd get kidnapped by Arachnos again, with five billion supes and capes standing right there. Maybe. 

She-ape: Healing the world one broken household at a time.

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