Sunday, October 2, 2011

CoH part 4: Dammit Flambeaux!

Uh-oh! My super BFF's are in trouble! Arachnos is attacking their base, and they won't stop until they get panties! (probably Grym's, I mean a spider themed terrorist organization? Totally furries.)

I rush to the base, bust down the door, take out a tough guy with a shotgun... and nobody's home. Well I'll just access this security terminal (ie: Punch it 'til it does something) an- OH GOD!

Twin shot pulled a Creep-and-grope on me! I knew she was checking out my ass! But no time to talk about this, Dillo's in trouble.

Before you can say "sexual harassment" the little guy was in safe hands, but he's hurt...bad. I just need to get 'im to a pressurizer and he'll be okay! Right a pressurizer, because Yeti's know all about science equipment.

I ran into Flambeaux on the upper floor looking for the presure-ma-thingie. Hey, Flambeaux, Do you know where a pressure thingy is? Yeah, of course not.

Oop, found it! It was on the second floor! Ok, next objective- go to the third...floor. To save Flambaeux. But she...I...whatever.

From there it was just a case of mop-up duty. Not many punks can stand up to a six super Juggernaut wave! Look at that motley crew of badasses, I mean is that not just the perfect pictu- *sigh* dammit Flambeaux.

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