Sunday, October 2, 2011

CoH part 3: Do the Mario

New power obtained: Super Jump.


That's right, I had time to hit both "fn" and "prnt scrn" before I hit the ground. Dear. God. Being a Yeti of science, I knew it was my civic duty to see just how high I could possibly go. 

Apparently about this high. Nothing to sneeze at. Though if you were to sneeze you'd take out about thirty civies with super-snot droplets screaming down at terminal velocity. Something to chew over on the three minute trip down. And the photo opportunities!

Perfect for a One-Yeti-Moon, or for you brooding Batman types.

Some other highlights of the day: I found this cop just kicking a raging fire. Okay.  I also met a hero named Caarl, who's biography read "I am a naked Afro American." Indeed Caarl. This is truly a land of mysterious and foreign customs that my poor Yeti brain simply cannot comprehend.

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