Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brains in da' Bayou

Halloween toy review? Halloween toy review.

I could have sworn my love affair with Mega Bloks started with the Halo sets just this year, but that's not quite true. The first bit of Bloky goodness I ever bought was the Zombie from the plasma-verse line. He was sitting all alone in the discount aisle, with nothing but a One dollar price tag to fend off the cold... of course I had to bring the wee rotter in. I regret nothing.

See, he's not your average Romero shambler. He's a classic voodoo swamp zombie! Just look at those mutton chops, you know he's been wandering for a century or two, chomping on frogs and gators. He comes packed in a swank wooden crate, locked down with rusted chains and rotten with age. The paintwork is friggin' fantastic, I mean who would even begin to think a children's toy could look this horrifically gruesome? 

He's not the most mobile in the world, but he does well enough. And, surprise, his jaw can open and close! I'm a sucker for hinged jaws. You can't beat an awesome zombie and a nice box for a dollar, and they make great props for all your old-timey adventurer types.
If you just gots ta' have a mortificated plantation owner, you can probably find them on ebay pretty easily, but even better, I just saw about three of these in a Kmart a month ago. Good hunting, and remember to aim for the head...

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