Monday, October 3, 2011

Always Check Your Candy

Ho, friends! Our first movie review of the occult season beckons, and it may well be the Halloween movie to end all Halloween movies. On Christmas you watch Rudolph, on thanksgiving you watch sweaty men wrassle a ball, but on Hallow's eve you watch...Trick or Treat.

This movie has every element a good Halloween movie needs: costumes, debauchery, werewolves, fog, a twist ending (several in fact), urban legends, and a little pagan ritual for good measure. Did I mention that all of that is done with traditional effects? That's right kids, no CGI. I know, it's horrible, now take your whining in the other room so the adults can talk. 

You always hear people describing movies as "if Tim Burton made _____", well this is the movie Tim Burton has forgotten how to make. Quirky black humor and the kind of spooky atmosphere that feels warm, like a nice fireplace on a cold autumn night. You don't watch this movie as the meek simpering victims, you are the abomination that lurks in the night, looking on in revelry at the macabre  celebration that is Halloween! 

This movie feels warm and fuzzy, familiar territory that you love revisiting. Gremlins, Goonies, American Werewolf in London, shades of all the creepy fun movie classics are everywhere in the best way possible. And then there's the cute mascot.

Samhain, the ancient spirit of Halloween, is the character that ties all of the interlinking stories together ( and man do they ever interlink) and he just so happens to be adorable in the way only a blood-thirsty rules lawyer of  a pagan god can be. Neca put out a figure of him in their "Cult Classics" line, and I think I know who's got a place on the ol' shelf warmed up for him.

I can't believe it took me so long to watch this movie, and if you haven't yet just go. Now, just go. I'll be here to gush with you when you get back. 


I swear the director knew I would watch this someday. So I'm just and watching along, nomming mah candy corns and what-not, and what should suddenly pop up? 

SEXY BARBARIAN LADY! The icing just suddenly met the cake, and made sweet diabetic love. Why is this not one of the Halloween aisle standards.

Oh, and the chick from Trueblood is in it. Pfffft.

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