Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trolls Eat Christians

 Movie review time! From the land of vikings and waffles comes TrollHunter, The best shaky-cam movie ever. Seriously, Cloverfeild? Blair Witch? This movie gives those a gentle yet firm paddling. 

The premise is thus: Trolls are real, and one lovable grizzly old guy keeps the bastards in check. Now these aren't the modernized Lord of the Rings trolls, these are the progenitors, the ORIGINAL trolls. The kind that stole babies and ate goats under bridges. You know, these guys:

  Yeah, haven't seen much of them lately have you? And boy will you be seeing ALOT of them. This isn't your typical handcam peek-a-boo monster movie, you'll have trouble NOT seeing something troll related. And the variety! Trolls come in four flavors, Tosserlad Ringlefinch Mountain King and Jotan. And that's just the ones you see on screen! By the end of the movie our lovably gruff guide Hans takes you on a magical mystery tour of all things troll, from mating habits to diet, and still by the end I wanted MOOOORE. Sequel please, mister Norwegian independent filmmaker guy?

The best way to see this movie is netflix streaming, and if you have netflix you have no excuse. It's not like there are any other good monster movies out right now anyway.
The only thing missing was my favorite brand of trollfolk, the Huldra. Sometimes you've just got to fill in the blanks yourself:

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