Friday, September 30, 2011

CoH part 2: Superfriends

I looove the NPC heroes!

I've started getting quests that get other heroes involved, and every one has a unique story and look.

Like this jerkass, Icedrone. A local gang was stealing supplies from refugees, and this ass starts using it to push his whiny anti-government spiel. After a good whack from the stick of persuasion, he came to his senses and helped me take out the thugs. He's still an ass.

And then I totally got invited to a Super-sleepover! This superteam had heard about how much ass I stomped, and invited me over to do each other's hair and play spin the kryptonite! Their was Flambeax, the self absorbed airhead who never shut up. Then Twin shot, the cocky sharpshooter who invited me over in the first place ( pretty sure she was checking out my ass the entire time. Side effect of not wearing pants, I suppose.) And then Dillo, the alien who barely spoke english. Being a Yeti, I barely speak english, so we had a lovely conversation.


Suddenly, some Arachnos jackasses decided to pull a panty raid! Fortunately, a friendly wolfman named Grym (Ohoho DELIGHTFUL) showed up to help toss their asses out. Best sleep over ever,  BFFs 4EVER!

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