Sunday, August 21, 2011


I bought a tube of FolkArt Metallic Gold months ago, AND I'VE GONE MAD WITH THE POWEEEEEERR!!!

Take the McDonald's Princess Celestia for example. Nice figure, bad paint. LET'S PRETTY UP SOME PONIES! GRAAAARRGARRRGARGH!!!
There, much better! Regal and glorious, as the queen of Equestria should be.

I also found this old Clue dagger, and realized it would make the perfect minimates weapon, but it was missing something... GOLD ME, AMADEUS!
Now that's a proper Asgardian troll-sticker!

Last but not least I stumbled across this poor paint-raped MageKnight piece in my miniatures box, and just had to do something...
From Saturday morning cartoon villian to Game-breaking badass with just a few drops. Now to find more...patients. Where'd the cat go...

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