Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have a confession, dear readers. I'm a Poke-fiend. Yes, I'm one of those sad adults who still cling to the franchise, desperately hoping that some day I shall catch them all. I don't merely want to be the very best, I NEED TO BE THE VERY BEST. LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS.

Know what else I like? Flaming pigs. That explains why I absolutely adore Tepig. (Even though he should be called Pignite, but that's a WHOOOOOOOLE other keg O' fish). I mean, it's a tiny wee pig that shoots fire from it's nose and eventually turns into Ganon. What more can you ask from any life form? That's why I find myself in possession of not one, but two tiny plastic idols in his likeness. One I paid nearly 8 bucks for, the other a little over 2, MAYBE. Can you guess which?

Tepig A, let's call him "Just found out his cancer is in remission" Tepig, is a solid hunk of pvc plastic with no joints or articulation. He weighs a good half pound, making him perfect for use as a paper weight or projectile weapon.

Tepig B, AKA "What's a baconator?" Tepig, looks pretty thoroughly pissed. Probably not the best choice for that extra ticket to Schnitzel-fest. He does light up when you put a firm grip on his ass, though. Just like real life!

So, have you figured it out yet Junior sleuth club detecti-gators? Let me give you a hint:

Dammit Jakks. Well at least my taxes paid to the Hamburgler Empirium are being put to good use. But my lust for Tepigs cannot be sated. My kingdom for a Tepig plush...

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