Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've finally fallen into the super massive black hole of creativity that is spore. Witness what the hands of Pretend-God hath wraught!

The great Gorbidons are the matriarchal society that hails from planet Gorbidos. From their earliest days, these peaceful herbivores have harbored freindships with nearly every race they have come across, priding themselves on never having taken the life of another. 

A zealous race, the leaders of Gorbidon society are the high preistesses who follow the order of Matron Leilau. Leilau, the first matriarch, established worship of "The Great Celebratorium" which is a fabled day when the entire universe will unite in one great celebration, and revel in joy forever after. The Gorbidon thrive to spread this revelry to every society they stumble upon in the reaches of space, dancing and playing their great woodwind horns. This has been finely tuned into a form of passive warfare, and often races that have allied with the Gorbidons have done so after being subjected to booming "performances" which are known to last for years at a time.

Much speculation abounds on the topic of why no male Gorbidons have been seen. When asked, most Gorbiden will say they hadn't really thought about it, simply raising more questions. The Gorbidons have risen to be perhaps the most powerful race in the galaxy, which is surprising considering their shunning of voilent methods. All other races agree that this is probably for the best. All but the Trollka, who bear a race-wide grudge against the Gorbidons. Odd, considering that much evidence points to the two peoples being related.

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