Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Contest Spoils

I recently entered this into a contest held by the venerable Valosweet666:

And received this!
So preeeeeeety.

Friday, July 22, 2011


What with this Comic-con hulla-bulloo goin' about, it's hard to keep the mind from wandering to sweaty spandex. Let's share some opinions on the various going-ons of the super human sect, shall we?
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: HOO-RAY! Just freakin' look at that roster! Iron Fist! Firebrand! Phoenix Wright! ROCKET RACCOON!!! I know the extra forty for a game I already own is steep, but this much new content tacked on to an already great game not only eases the pain, it cured my diabetes! (note: I may not have technically had diabetes. I'm sorry, Wilford Brimley.)

DC Universe Reboot: BOO! This means alot of the great new characters like Larfleeze and the latest Batgirl are gonna' be swept under the carpet. We're gonna' be stuck reading the same retreaded origin stories for an entire year. Maybe no more Guy Gardner :C . Power Girl is MIA. And the new Harley design is worse than the stupid Arkham Asylum getup. Does no one get that her Pseudo-innocent look was kind of her appeal? Less slutty more funny.

Cap's Avengers Costume: HOO-RAY! That's just a damn slick look for a movie cap, and a natural progression from his Nazi-Stompin' suit.
MOTU Mini Figures: HOO-RAY! Okay it's only technically comics related, but just look at that adowable widdle Moss-man! I bet he still smells like pine! Yes him does!
And now for the BOO! It's Mattel, so I'm sure I'll never own them due to horrible pricing and scalping. Just like the rest of the MOTU classics line. Want to recapture those wonderful childhood memories? Gonna' cost ya'. Jump off a cliff, Matty, you smug bastard.
Keeping in the spirit of things, here's a quick scribble of my MVC3 team.

And a few of my favorite Mini-mates. Can't wait for the MVC3 line!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've finally fallen into the super massive black hole of creativity that is spore. Witness what the hands of Pretend-God hath wraught!

The great Gorbidons are the matriarchal society that hails from planet Gorbidos. From their earliest days, these peaceful herbivores have harbored freindships with nearly every race they have come across, priding themselves on never having taken the life of another. 

A zealous race, the leaders of Gorbidon society are the high preistesses who follow the order of Matron Leilau. Leilau, the first matriarch, established worship of "The Great Celebratorium" which is a fabled day when the entire universe will unite in one great celebration, and revel in joy forever after. The Gorbidon thrive to spread this revelry to every society they stumble upon in the reaches of space, dancing and playing their great woodwind horns. This has been finely tuned into a form of passive warfare, and often races that have allied with the Gorbidons have done so after being subjected to booming "performances" which are known to last for years at a time.

Much speculation abounds on the topic of why no male Gorbidons have been seen. When asked, most Gorbiden will say they hadn't really thought about it, simply raising more questions. The Gorbidons have risen to be perhaps the most powerful race in the galaxy, which is surprising considering their shunning of voilent methods. All other races agree that this is probably for the best. All but the Trollka, who bear a race-wide grudge against the Gorbidons. Odd, considering that much evidence points to the two peoples being related.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have a confession, dear readers. I'm a Poke-fiend. Yes, I'm one of those sad adults who still cling to the franchise, desperately hoping that some day I shall catch them all. I don't merely want to be the very best, I NEED TO BE THE VERY BEST. LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS.

Know what else I like? Flaming pigs. That explains why I absolutely adore Tepig. (Even though he should be called Pignite, but that's a WHOOOOOOOLE other keg O' fish). I mean, it's a tiny wee pig that shoots fire from it's nose and eventually turns into Ganon. What more can you ask from any life form? That's why I find myself in possession of not one, but two tiny plastic idols in his likeness. One I paid nearly 8 bucks for, the other a little over 2, MAYBE. Can you guess which?

Tepig A, let's call him "Just found out his cancer is in remission" Tepig, is a solid hunk of pvc plastic with no joints or articulation. He weighs a good half pound, making him perfect for use as a paper weight or projectile weapon.

Tepig B, AKA "What's a baconator?" Tepig, looks pretty thoroughly pissed. Probably not the best choice for that extra ticket to Schnitzel-fest. He does light up when you put a firm grip on his ass, though. Just like real life!

So, have you figured it out yet Junior sleuth club detecti-gators? Let me give you a hint:

Dammit Jakks. Well at least my taxes paid to the Hamburgler Empirium are being put to good use. But my lust for Tepigs cannot be sated. My kingdom for a Tepig plush...