Tuesday, June 28, 2011


With Transformers 3: Electric Moon-aloo releasing tomorrow, it seems like a good time to bring up my favorite morph-o-bot. Bantor. That's right, the tiger baboon. How much do I like Bantor? This site came dangerously close to being Tigerboon.blag-o-blargh.com. 

I know I'm a horrible hipster who likes a character nobody knows about, but it's not because of anything he's done in the fiction (because he hasn't done anything. At all.). It's because the toy itself means something to me. See, when Bantor was released in 1998 I was 8. Bantor also went on sale across the nation in '98 because apparently nobody loves tigerboons (savages). But it wasn't in a store that I found my Bantor, but in a banged up garage sale box for a buck, in brand new condition the year he was released. I picked him up out of curiosity and my love of apes, but I knew right away that Mr. Monkeystripes and I were destined to be bros of the highest order.

See that guy in the pictures? That's him. My very first Transformer, and I still keep him on my desk. Ready for some hardcore time-wasting posing action whenever he's needed. I should also mention he's a damn good figure, no matter what era. This guy was rocking super articulation before it was a word.

As for Bantor's popularity, there are maybe three pieces of fanart of him out there. That's less than Skram, the guy who turns into a WHEEL. Yeah. Let's correct this injustice shall we? Now there's four.


So, will my favorite Transformer ever appear in the shows or comics or movies? Probably not, but I'm okay with that. Because he's not just any Transformer. He's MY Transformer.


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